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How to implement an effective social media strategy for a small business?

As a small social mediabusiness owner, you probably want to make more and more people to know you in order to grow or you want to build a strong relationship with your client/audience. So how about using social media to do so? Social media platforms gather everyday billions of active users that spend a lot of time on it. What a goldmine! In addition to that, Social Media offer the non-negligible privilege to interact faster and easier with your audience and clientele. It can be a great way to build a strong relationship as to increase brand loyalty which is very important for small businesses. It appears that creating a social media strategy for your small business seems more than needed.

With the Covid-19 crisis, we saw our time on social media grow exponentially, stores were closed, so everybody had to adapt in order to continue existing. That’s why more than ever, it is important for small business to continue interacting with their audience.

Having a presence on a social media platform cost nothing in terms of money but it takes time if you want to make it properly. That is, to manage your time efficiently you need to implement a clever social media strategy. But as you can imagine, the way you’re managing your social media will depend on the size of your business. Here are the fundamentals to know to make a good social media strategy for small business.

Who target on Social Media: Know you audience

The first step for creating a social media strategy for your small business is to know who is potentially going to be interested on what you’re doing. You will be more effective if you know who your advertising is targeting. It can seem pretty obvious, but it is really the basic to know before began any strategic plan.

As you know your audience, you will then be able to know which platform fit best to reach them properly. For example, if your audience is mainly composed of 40-50 you should maybe you rather focus on Facebook instead of TikTok or Snapchat.

An effective strategy: Social Media plan

You can create a social media calendar to know when you are going to post on which platform. Set SMART objectives to know what you want from social media. To have a good social media strategy for your small business, you will have to be careful on what objectives are relevant for you. You have to adapt them with your capabilities. You can also look at what your competitors are doing to get inspiration for your objectives but don’t see too big!

Social Media strategy: Create content on Social Media

Obviously creating content is the main creative part of the process to start a social media strategy for small businesses. Get creative, get inspired! Find a format that fit your audience to get them more engaged. Use efficiently tools that are at your disposal (Instagram polls on stories, Twitter polls…). What’s good with some platforms is that asking for your audience’s opinion has never been easier! So don’t be afraid to interact with them to see what they would like to see on your page.

Social Media opportunities: see further!

If you have implemented a strong social media strategy for you small business, you will see opportunities arise. Why not go trying to make partnership with some popular users? Influencers really became the most popular trend to sell on social medias.

Now you can go! Social Medias are full of possibilities, but the main challenge is to see which one are good for you. Don’t lose yourself by wanting to do too much at a time, take the time to make the most efficient social media strategy for your small business!

Here are few more links to help you further in your creation of social media strategy:

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