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How to get free followers on Instagram: 5 top hacks

How to get free followers on Instagram: 5 top hacks

Nowadays Instagram is the third most used social media in Canada and many of their users are looking forward to grow in this platform like their favorite celebrities or “instagramers”. To get to that succeed, the trail is not easy because you can buy followers or use bots to increase your follower number but they will not value your content and therefore, if you were thinking to collaborate with brands in the future, they will not be interested in your profile since your engagement will be low; but don’t worry! In this article you will find the 5 top hacks to get free followers on Instagram that will appreciate your content.

1. Have a correct biography

The first tip to get free followers on Instagram is having a biography that defines you and your content by using your real name or your business name; mention your profession or sector, with some emojis to make it more visible and a link as a call to action, this link can be a landing page or other page related to you or your company.

get free followers on Instagram

2. Create Reels

The Instagram reels is the best way to get to new audiences and therefore get free followers on Instagram.

  • Follow the trends: It can be a dance or the use of a specific sound, follow it!
  • Post educational content: Find the balance between entertainment and education.
  • Keep it simple: You don’t need to be a video editor to make a viral reel, just make an original video with an important message that can help you to get free followers on Instagram.

3. Be constant

Post regularly. To get free followers on Instagram you need to plan when will you make your posts, reels or stories based on your followers statistics; make sure to post at the time they are more active.

get free followers on Instagram

Source: Power Review, February 2019.

4. Corroborate that your posts have the next characteristics

Emojis: Another recommendation to get free followers on Instagram is putting some emojis in your captions. In this way you will give more personality to your profile and your followers will be attracted to read what you wrote with more interest, such as in the example below.

get free followers on Instagram

Include hashtags: Use a maximum of 3 hashtags per caption but be careful! Not any hashtag is right to get free followers on Instagram. make sure it is related with your image and if you have a small account, use hashtags that are not that popular so it can be easier for you to positionate your post correctly.

Add the location: This is another basic to get free followers on Instagram. Although, maybe in not all the posts this can be useful; but if you are a company make sure to add the place where people can find your products or, if it is a photo of yourself,  add the place the picture was taken.

get free followers on Instagram

5. Use Instagram stories

Finally, use of Instagram stories! Remind that one marketing basic is to stay in the mind of your consumer and this tool is the best way of doing it and also to get free followers on Instagram. Post about what you are doing during your day, ask questions to your followers, interact with them!

As you can see, it is not that complicated to get free followers on Instagram. All you must do is be patient, organized and follow the 5 hacks that mentioned above. Thus, you can get free followers on Instagram who will be real and loyal to your personal brand or company.



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