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How to Create Relevant Instagram Stories

Not only using Instagram Stories is a great way for your business to reach new potential customers, but it also increases the interaction with your community, and even can drive sales.



Pictures, videos, polls, quizzes, exclusive content, sky’s the limit! Instagram Stories is a great way to humanize your brand through creative content available for 24 hours following its publication.



Building authentic content for your brand will get you to connect with your audience and interact with it too. Instagram Stories allow you to use great conversation starters with your community, create engagement, and potentially drive sales.

Here are a few examples of the conversation starter tools Instagram provides for its Stories:

    • Polls are used to get your public to vote for a “this” or a “that”. Some companies use it to ask for their public opinions, preferences or advise.
    • Questions are a great way for you to get your community to interact with you on a subject of your choice. They allow the public to have even more freedom when it comes to giving their opinion and interacting with you.
    • Quizzes allow you to challenge your community about their knowledge on a topic of your choice.

    • Swipe up option allows you to redirect your public to a link. This option is usually beneficial when businesses want to announce product promotions or special events that require further steps from the user.


These are all great ways to tell your company’s story inside and out to your customers, make your business relatable to them and gain their loyalty for the years to come.

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