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how to brand yourself on social media in 2021?

How to brand yourself on social media in 2021?

How to brand yourself on Social Media in 2021?


Over the past decade until today in 2021, social media user numbers grew exponentially. This type of growth is no news to anyone whether it being an individual or a brand. It is fair to say that it is at a point now where a brand that wishes to succeed must now have some level of social media presence and here is why.


What are the advantages of having an online presence?

With millions of users spread across the main online platforms, brands can now appear on the platform of their choosing and display their character, personality, and likenesses to each user. Human nature being what it is, being like everyone else and that includes your favorite stars and idols has never been easier. With influencer marketing also on the rise, the growth in that market gives the opportunities for brands to attract but also retain new but also committed followers for much longer than before.


The Good vs The Bad

Social media has shown over the years that it can be the strongest catalyst for growth but also for major failure. In the blink of an eye, we have seen a company’s stock rise, whether it’s a casual shirt wore by a celebrity or an Elon Musk tweet. Simply put, in 2021 the world has changed the way it markets itself. Many companies have also fallen through the cracks as innovation and creativity were not the main components of their marketing mix.



Summing up, it is clear in today’s world how influential social media has become. Whether it spreads the news or creates new rumblings, it is a massive opportunity for brands to take advantage of. However, as seen in recent history, the slightest of mistakes will cost you the greatest of problems in the instant of click.




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