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How to be tiktok famous?

Tiktok, your chance to become famous.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Tiktok popularity inscreases a lot. The app proposes a diversified and unlimited content. The short videos and funny songs attract children, parents and grandparents.

Optimizing tiktok content to be famous

Many people want to be famous on tiktok. It looks easy but behind every success, a lot of reflexion and work.
Keep in mind that like any videos or website, you can also do Search engine Optimization on TikTok to optimize your content and make yourself popular. Famous tiktokers work hard to propose the content they do.
Your content is what makes  you popular, so here are some clear tips to take a place in the scene of Tiktok famous creators:
1- Optimize your profile : Make your account looks great by adding a profile picture of yourself. Work on lights, angles, originality and creativity. Use a good camera or phone, find the best background. Don’t forget that the profile is the first thing the users see, before clicking on any videos. The profile makes visitors want to see your content or not.
2- Content is key: To be famous, your content needs to be fun, creative, original. Work on the quality, take the time to make your videos. Tiktok videos are known to be very short, easy to watch and with no  boring texts.
3- Hashtags # : Like every social media, hashtags help users find the content they are interested to see, so depending on the audience you want to reach, use the adequate hashtags to be easy to find and this will help you build your community and be tiktok famous!
4- Follow the trends: Of course you have to be original and have your own style, but as a social media, it is important to follow the trends. Do not hesitate to socialize with others, duet interesting videos.
So, are you ready to take the place of Charli d’Amelio?
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