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How Tiktok can make your company a leader in the digital marketplace


Tiktok is now one of the most used social media platforms. By catching up with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Tiktok now needs to be apart of companies’ digital channels as a good online presence is necessary.

With only 4% of businesses on Tiktok, creating brand awareness and standing out from competition on internet are right there. Also, visibility has never been within such easy reach while Google is now indexing Tiktok’s video content.

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First, it is essential to make engaging video content. Participate in popular trends, showcase your personality and ask open-ended questions for users to participate in the comments. But most importantly, be entertaining in the first few seconds of the 60 second video. Build customer loyalty by exchanging with users via responses to your comments or by commenting on other people’s posts.


Second, by building a community and gathering followers, promote your company’s website and cross-promote content from other social media channels. This way, you invite users to browse among different platforms of yours and therefore improving overall click-rate.


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Then, to make profitable Tiktok’s algorithm, use hashtags when posting on Tiktok to work as relevant keywords. This will facilitate better targeting your audience, pushing your marketing content on people’s “for you page” and will organize your posts. Use generic and less generic hashtags like #foryoupage, #travel, #gamer or #montreal to make sure your posts will be seen by the right users. Don’t be too specific in the choice of keywords and don’t hesitate to combine hashtags too.

Remember that you are not making regular ads, you are making tiktoks. Getting and keeping the viewer’s attention is supposed to be fun!


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