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How HX can help your business during Covid

Customer engagement in 2020 was more difficult than ever before. People might hear about your brand but, due to corona, they cannot just pop by your store to get information. Most importantly, it was hard to make an impression of your product or service. You could only rely on online marketing. But we do most of our shopping through e-commerce during corona anyhow, right? The advantage face-to-face consumer interaction has is that you can get them emotionally involved in the selling process; they are not just purchasing a good, but talking to a friendly and helpful face – it makes them feel good about their decision.

Here is what you can do as a business during the pandemic

Customer engagement in Online marketing through HX

You need to make an emotional connection with your customer through your website marketing instead. Therefore, you must up your online marketing from Customer-Experience (CX) or User-Experience (UX) to Human-Experience (HX)! According to psychology, if we attach emotions to a product or to an experience it will stay in our memory for much longer. That is exactly what you are doing with HX; you don’t just analyse how people are behaving on your website, like with customer experience, but you are analysing how to best improve digital engagement with your customer through emotions.

So how does it work?

HX is our online emotional experience. The human experience of your brand does not only include your product or your service, it is the sum of all impressions the customer gets of your brand. It is a way to build a brand image and to send out the message you are trying to get across with your business. This can be done through the web layout of your page, how people can navigate on your page, or how well your technology works. HX tells you how trustworthy your online marketing is and what sort of emotions it evokes in your customer.

So what are you waiting for? Emotion is at the core of all our experiences, so it should also be at the core of your marketing!

Pro-Tip: This great start-up can help you with your journey to HX -> CubeHX

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