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Fashion Collaborating with Gaming Brands

Fashion Collaborating with Gaming Brands

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Previously unrelated brands have become more and more interested in joining the ever-growing hype of gaming. Multiple brands have shown their interest and worked together with gaming brands to create products. All kinds of brands from drinks to fashion want to partner with gaming brands. An example of this is watch brands like Seiko and Tag Heuer. They have worked together with Pokémon and Super Mario respectively. These brands took the opportunity to market their products in a market that was solely focused on the marketing of games. This is not only good marketing to promote the brand, but certain gamers could be a good targeting group that would not be in the normal segmentation of a luxury product. Some gamers have the most impressive gaming equipment costing up to thousands of dollars. This can indicate a certain degree of wealth.

Fashion and gaming

As the gaming market grows, so does the interest in another gaming-related industry, E-Sports. There have been a lot of big brands joining forces with E-Sports teams through brand deals and sponsorships. A few examples of which are Intel, BMW, and Coca-Cola. However, the fashion industry has recently joined the market with some interesting marketing campaigns. As said before, E-Sports are getting popular. Not just the professional players, but also the streamers and other content creators that are part of an E-Sports grand. One of the most trending E-Sports organizations called 100 Thieves, has a wide variety of content creators with a huge audience. This organization has been chosen by Gucci to collaborate with. However, what differentiates Gucci from other fashion brands is that they let the most popular content creators model for the brand. This resulted in a huge social media marketing stunt that was very well received.


Fashion Collaborating with Gaming Brands

Image of the Gucci x 100 Thieves collaboration.


This strategy and the positive feedback Gucci received has resulted in a major success for the brand and its marketing team. It would be very surprising if other fashion brands will not follow along with this trend and try to put this marketing strategy to good use. Gaming and fashion could show to have a enormous impact on marketing and social media marketing.

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