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Enhancing User Experience: Several Tools for Seamless Interaction

What is user experience and why does it matter

User experience, UX, or digital customer experience are all the interactions that a potential consumer has with a company’s online resource, such as a website or an app. A well optimized UX design means that a consumers’ digital interactions are as smooth, intuitive, and hassle-free as possible.

So why does it matter, why should businesses allocate resources optimize the UX? The answer to this question seems rather obvious. The ultimate goal of UX optimisation is to make the digital customer experience as enjoyable as possible, and a satisfied customer is more likely to make a purchase or to become a returning customer. Looking at some statistics, UX optimization can increase conversion rates by up to 200%. Even more surprising, 80% of consumers would be willing to pay extra to benefit of a good user experience. On the other side, it is estimated that 88% of users won’t return to a website that have bad UX.


Tools to help with user experience optimization

The question arises how to optimize user experience? The first step is to identify UX issues. This is done by tracking and analysing behavioral data and conducting usability testing. Fortunately, many solutions exist today that can help to analyse users’ behaviour on company’s online resources.



Google Analytics


Google analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that helps companies gather data about website and app traffic and analyze it. It offers insights into user behaviour. In turn, it can help to optimize digital content and improve user experience.




Hotjar is a user analytics tool that allows businesses to see how visitors interact with a website or an app. Hotjar offers heatmaps and session recordings to have a better understanding of what customers do on a website. It can help to uncover friction points and opportunities for optimization that will improve user experience.




CubeGO is an innovative tool that offers rich consumer insights. It allows businesses to gain feedback from customers who have tested their online resources. By combining facial emotions recognition and eye movement tracking, CubeGo can produce a UX report that concisely describes user experience on a website or app.


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