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Easy steps to promote your music on social medias

Top 5 Music Marketing Companies For Song Promotion | by quotes writer | Medium
The more platforms you use for promoting, the better your grwoth will be


With the increasing amount of sharing platforms, it can be confusing where to start for promoting your music on social medias and to how to do it right to attract future possible customers. You have great musical content and you are impatient to show it to the world, but you don’t know what approach to follow to gain success and public interest (excluding your close friends). In this short blog, we will walk trough different steps and ideas that will help promoting your content online and to be recognized and  appreciated by the right listeners.

If they liked what they heard, they’ll most likely follow you

First step is a no brainer, you have to produce good and interesting music whether the genre. Try to make it sound loud, clear and catchy if possible. After that, once you’ve completed your song or album, you should have or create at least an instagram account, because it’s the number 1 platform for sharing and promoting artistic content right now and tiktok being close at second place.

Next, release a short part of the song or video if you did one (extra points) to pick people’s curiosity. Always put the catchy or cool part of your song when you want to share it and make it short (around 30 sec max) , because our attention is really  fragile and we move on to the next thing rather quickly.  If they liked what they heard, they’ll most likely follow you. Don’t forget the use of  hashtags to target the audience you want, because not everyone is interested in all music genre and your main goal is to gain dedicated fans who will share/promote your content to their friends.

With today’s standard, people love to see how artists work and create their content which is why you should share images and video of you in your working environment in a story, post and even a reel.  This action create a close intimacy between you and your fans, increasing their love for you and interest. Tiktok is also a great platform for this ”close access” with the artist. You can show your natural talent and interact with people, making them feel more engaged.

Ideas and Offers for Making Music at Home | Ableton
Show to your fans your woking station, it adds credibility and intimacy


‘Constancy is key to success”

One week or two after the first teaser, comes the time of releasing the song (the album’s launch comes later). For this part, make a post out of it and put a link of the song in your bio (really important). People are lazy these days so you must guide them towards your song, don’t overestimate their engagement. Post a story and repost the ones made by people who shared one with your music on to show them how grateful your are about their action.

If you release an album, do it few weeks after, and try to attract people attentions by talking about it and showing new content every weeks or so.  Our mind is always busy with so much informations and content that we forget easily, so try to stick your music in their heads so they cannot forget one week later. It might be tedious, but constancy is key to success when promoting your music on social medias, especially in the early stages of your music career. However,  even if you don’t seem to gain the desired attention, don’t give up, maybe it’s a just a matter of time.

”Don’t be mysterious, be approachable”

Marketing is if not just as important as the music itself, and frankly it always been the case except that today, you have the power and capability to do it yourself just like the labels. Don’t be afraid to boost your most relevant content with the Facebook and Instagram tool, but be sure again to target your desire audience and start with a low budget to see how things goes. Don’t be mysterious , be approachable is one great advice I can give you. We are not in the 70s, 80s or 90s where fan know little to nothing about their favorite band except the interviews they did or the pictures inside the cd booklet. What’s more fun and engaging than being close to your favorite artist? With today’s technology, it more easy than ever and artists should capitalise on this opportunity and so do you!


If you want more details about the distribution aspect of your content on Spotify or Apple Music, I recommend you to take a look at this website:

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