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Digital Niche Marketing:Definition and How to Make Money out of your Hobby

This article will take a look at digital niche marketing, how to get a good marketing base for your site targeting a niche. But first a definition.

Definition of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is referring to the act of targeting a unique market segment. It is often used to compartmentalize one of the segments for a specific product. For example, being a corner case use of a particular product or a specific localization with specific needs.

Digital Niche Marketing

But what if the entirety of your product or service sales are targeting a specific niche? What if your product is only relevant to speed cubers, sneakerheads, anime fans, custom mechanical keyboards fans based in Canada,  or even JDM enthusiast located in Montreal ? I could give examples for hours. But for the sake of the article, we will be using the custom mechanical keyboard community. People are in this community because they want to create their ideal keyboard: perfect sound, feeling, layout, aesthetic etc. One keyboard can end up costing in the thousands of dollars in search of their true endgame.

custom mechanical keyboard example of a niche marketing
A Keycult, one of the more recognizable custom keyboard brand in this niche. Picture by frankp0013 on reddit.


Expains market research in a digital niche marketing
Image originally from into the minds.

1- Find your Niche Market

If there are niches in your niche, you must take it into account and consider which part you want to digitally market to. You MUST NOT think that because you are part of a niche that you can skip the market research step. Your own experience is more likely a red herring. Do market research, write a questionnaire based on what you found out while researching (Google Forms is sufficient).Then, ask if people can fill it in to help you (step 3 might help with getting more answers). Finally, base your decisions on the results.



2- Know your Competitors

This is obviously true of all types of digital marketing, but especially important in this case. Look at your competition. Is there even any? For example, ApexKeyboards sells accessories that are useful to keyboards enthusiast, but is mostly targeting the Canadian market. It’s the only site selling Krytox branded lubricant for switches (a must have in the hobby) in CAD$, which  makes shipping and exchange rates significantly cheaper. They have a significant advantage on US providers, which would have to lose on their margins to compete on prices. Look for similar opportunities in the niche you are targeting, needs that currently aren’t met.

3- Take part in the Niche market

You will want to be active on platforms that your community is on. For example, has been the main hub for the keyboard community for years, as well as Discord groups and subreddit like r/CustomKeyboards, r/mechmarket, r/MechanicalKeyboards among others. Building a comment history and past interactions with people is crutial if you want to eventually start selling. You want to minimize the chance that people think you are a scammer, especially in tech savvy niche like this one.

discord logo, example of community of niche marketing     facebook logo        reddit logo       pinterest logo         instagram logo

4- Create Content for the Niche Market

It could be how to guides or tutorial, DIY Youtube videos reviewing products, Instagram pictures posting about your product or service or anything relevant. Make shure to use SEO for web pages. For our keyboard example, Taeha Types comes to mind first. He offers a building service and a commission service. For building, you send him the parts and then he builds it. For the commission, you work with Taeha to choose every part and then he builds it on stream. He was at first an engineer, but after he began posting videos to his Youtube channel and gaining popularity for his services, he was able to make his keyboard building and content creation his only income. So why shouldn’t you use those digital niche marketing strategies to make a little extra income ?

5- Use Influencers Related to your Niche Market

If you know of other communities that have an overlap with the one you are targeting, it might be beneficial for both of you to collaborate in some way. For example, Taeha Types building Tfue, Scarra and Lilypichu’s keyboard gives Taeha massive exposure from gaming centered steamers, which have a huge overlap in interest. Realistically, you will not have access to streamers who have 10,000 average viewers when you start, so even collaborating with youtubers with less than 5,000 subs is beneficial. For example, here is a comment taken from Shoobs’s video, a Youtube channel with 3,900 subs:

“great video, I’m sold on the boba u4t for it’s deep sounding! THANK YOU will order these soon when I have the money. subbed to your channel! keep up the good work!”(Comment by Durian_SoftJoJo)

Multiple others share the same sentiment. This is why Shoobs already has multiple affiliate links, even though his first video was posted 2 months ago.

Starting selling in a niche doesn’t necessarily require an investment in marketing out of the gates. All these points require no money and should help you start making money in the community you want to target. Next we will look at how to use money to get the best possible return for your niche digital marketing.

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