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Digital Marketing in Fashion Industry

Digital has deeply changed the way we use to do Business in lot of different ways. Among the most substantial changes there is, without a doubt, marketing in all its nuances. It is important for companies to understand how to act in this digitalize context to benefit as much as possible from technology.
In this article we look to 3 advantages of Digital Marketing bring in Fashion Industry.


1. Online experience: un undervalued objective of digital marketing in fashion industry

Improve the Online Experience is a key passage of digital marketing in the fashion industry. Although an initial resistance of people, who were accustomed to try clothes before buying them, but now online sales are surpassing in-store sales.

Increase customer confidence

A great and efficient site will help clients feeling more confident about a brand, above all if it is the first time they are buying something. In fact, a pleasant online experience will help increasing their willing to buy, because clients will trust the brand.

Increase sales

If buying online it is an easy and nice experience, clients will be more likely to buy products. As we were accustomed to notice something exposed in a shop’s window and just going in and buy it, clients will do the same! After having received a notification or a mail about new arrivals, they will login the website and buy it.


2. Instant Communication: an important tool of digital marketing in fashion industry

Nowadays there are multiple ways to interact instantly with clients.Thanks to digital marketing it is possible to have a direct contact also in fashion industry.
This helps creating a relation of trust between the customer and the company. Then, it is important to buildi and maintain customer loyalty. People use to purchase periodically and use to do it in the same brands.


With chatbots companies can offer a digitalized help to everyone is visiting the brand website. Basically, Someone who can help with every kind of problem or clarifying any possible doubt.


With Emails companies can keep clients informed about new arrivals and offers. They can be advised about the return of product they were interested about. They can call their attention in several different ways.

Mobile Marketing

Companies can be present in the every-day life of their clients thanks to apps. They can send notifications and messages to catch the attention and incorporate style advisors or similar tools.

3. Data collection: the trick of digital marketing in fashion industry

One of the greatest advantages of Digital Marketing is the possibility of colleting a great amount of Data about their clients and their potential clients, precious information to use in fashion induustry. This allows the brand to get a better knowledge of who represent their real target to work on it.


A deeper understanding of clients, helps the company creating personalized contents. This permits brands send targeted content and be more efficient in communication and more satisfying in

Increase Speed and Efficiency

A greater knowledge of our clients helps brands connecting with people in a satisficing way. In addition, the large amount of information about customers helps in terms of cost and time efficiency. Thanks to data collected, brand know how and when communicating with every client.



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