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Why Digital Marketing Is Becoming Less Creative And More Profound Through Data Science

Marketing was stereotypically seen as a creative domain where things are designed to respond to customers. Now that it is majorly digital and can use artificial intelligence and other systems based on information to leverage marketing activities, it became more research-based and methodical, which presents new opportunities in the industry: Before using data scientifically, you would come up with strategies that rely on less and uninterpreted data and thus needed more ingenuity. Now, you enter data into a model and get predictions as well as courses of action, which turn out to be very lucrative. 

A Data Scientist working on the visual representation of digital marketing data on an interactive screen.
A Data Scientist working on the visual representation of digital marketing data on an interactive screen.

However, as a digital marketer you may feel overwhelmed with all the information that is generated daily, but no need to worry: A Data Scientist is there for you to advance business activities and strategy. Marketing is the perfect domain for it as efforts to generate data are not high because it occurs in large numbers as a natural by-product of interacting with customers. So why throw away valuable data instead of using it to improve your business? 

What is data science and how can I use it in Digital Marketing? 

Data Science is an analytical domain that studies and interprets data to make relevant business decisions, get more insightful information, and recognize patterns. This is done by using processes of data extraction and cleaning, statistics, and observation. 

Then, the influences and triggers can be translated to create an algorithm with which a machine-learning model is developed and trained. This means that the more data the autonomous model is dealing with, the more scientifically proven become its results. Such a deployed model lets the digital marketer, for instance, incorporate the findings in their strategy and for instance to understand why a change in perception or behavior occurred, and the system can place ads or send out emails automatically to intensify or reverse the observed change.

It became a trend for Digital marketing agencies to use Data Science to improve both, push and pull marketing. It is 360-degree applicable to identify the right audience, for customer segmentation, display advertisements effectively, communicate with more impact, enhance customer engagement, search engine optimization, comparisons with the competition, branding, budgeting, increasing loyalty, dynamic pricing, and many more. 

Whether you feed the scientists with historical data from the last quarter, with daily-generated customer journey data, or with data from the industry and competition – they became so creative in facilitating and interpreting input so that they will always connect the dots and identify valuable patterns which are ultimately responsible for successful digital marketing. 


Using AI and Analytics is much faster and more profitable as you can target customers better, don’t have to wait for months to get results of an applied strategy and it prevents missing chances as you get real-time information on behavior and desires. 

It is less biased and more holistic than manual data gathering and interpretation as a machine learning tool brings fewer prejudices and outside influences into the equation. 

Your digital marketing is perceived as more valuable, also internally, as new ways of aligning the business strategy to the insights give you a competitive advantage. 

It is sustainable as the models can learn from mistakes, adapt to new parameters, and can be applied anywhere in the business, all while being scientifically consolidated. 

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