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Digital Marketing and Business Growth: Does It Work With Startups?

digital marketing and business growth for startups

When building a startup, the planning of a marketing strategy that will lead to growth and success can be hard. The building of poor marketing plans leads to 17% of new businesses failures according to CB Insights. In today’s world, a good marketing plan has to include digital marketing strategy. Although most are aware of the benefits of using digital marketing, new entrepreneurs might find it hard to link digital marketing and business growth. For startups, growing a customer base can be a difficult and time consuming task. However, as you will learn in this article, online marketing can help you generate leads. All of this, without breaking the bank. There are multiple marketing tools that can help a small business grow, but in which ways can they help?

Digital Marketing and Visibility

Digital marketing and business growth: startup using seo to gain visibility
Small home automation startup ranking third in search results for Savant dealers in Québec, before large established companies.

One of the key to success in growth is the visibilty of a business. A startup can work on this with some structural work. In fact, improving the SEO structure of a webpage will help a website rank higher on the search results. Since, a business showing up on the third result of a search tends to be more attractive to a customer than one showing up on the second page. By targeting the right keywords and using them correctly, a small business can rank in the first results of a search. By doing so, it will generate more visibilty for the business with more people being in contact with the result. This visibility will eventually contribute to business growth at the same time.







Creation of Brand Awareness

Another aspect where digital marketing and business growth join forces is in brand awareness. When starting a new business, it is difficult to create brand awareness without the proper ressources. Since there are almost no existing customers, this can become a very hard task for small businesses. That is where digital marketing comes into play. By running an online marketing campaign, a startup might not generate revenues instantly. However, the marketing campaign will surely contribute to creating awareness towards the small business. In fact, more people will be in contact with the brand. This combined with an increasing brand awareness will lead customers to remember your brand.

In the future, when in need of a service or product in your offering, a individual might contact your business because of what they saw online. If satisfied with their purchase or service, the customer might then recommend the business to its friends in need of a similar service or product. All in all, while it might not generate revenues instantly, a digital marketing campaign will help you make potential customers remember your brand for later.

Customer Targeting Made Easy

One of the more important part in a marketing strategy, if not the most, is to be able to effectively target the right customers. In the traditional marketing world, this task requires a lot of research and a lot of money. This is where digital marketing becomes your best friend. Targeting customers is a lot easier on the internet. Since search engines collect information about their user, all you have to do is to enter your perfect target consumer. Google Ads has made the task a lot more easier for your business. Their Smart Display Campaigns not only automates the bidding and ad creation process. It also automates the customer targeting process for your business, saving you time and money! All of this will lead to a more effective targeting and therefore a bigger potential growth. Here is a small video discussing Google’s Smart Display:


After reading this, you can now see how a good digital advertising strategy is essential for all types of businesses, but also how digital marketing and business growth are closely related. The use of online marketing for startups is a great way to differentiate your business from other small businesses.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing and its related subjects, be sure to visit the HEC students’ digital marketing webpage for more articles on the subject!












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