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Copywriting for E-Commerce: Strategies to Increase Conversion Rates

Copywriting for E-commerce

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First of all, a lot of entrepreneurs who have an E-commerce use copywriting every time, but they don’t know about it. It’s an essential skill that you must master to grow your E-commerce. Most e-commerce have an average copy that describes the features of a product. For example, a good copy is about engaging the reader’s interest as well as, convincing him that the solution to his problem is the product or service that we are selling. It’s about understanding the psychology of the people who will need your product or service.

Now that you understand what will increase your conversion rate because of your copy, you need to have different strategies to grow your E-commerce.

1) Articles

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Articles are often the first idea we have when we talk about copywriting but in an E-commerce situation is different. The purpose of your articles will be to educate your leads about the subject which is related to your product or service. Imagine that you are a nutritionist who provides consultation, an idea of the article will be “Do you eat with your head or with your body?”. Don’t take this example if you do, you are a copier! These articles will first provide value to your leads and build interest in your service. Therefore you will automatically have credibility because you provide them with free value and now they will consider booking a consultation. Articles are basics to write when you know your subject and you don’t have to master copywriting for this strategy.

2) Social Media ADS

Nowadays if you manage a big E-commerce you cannot neglect ADS, especially in social media. If you don’t, your competition will get more visibility than you and then get more clients. To have a good marketing campaign, there are two things you need to focus on. First is the programmation of the AD, so who you are targeting or their demographic profil. This part is usually simple and you learn after several ADS what is work best for your business. The second one is obviously the copywritting of your ADS, here we are talking about a short form copy so you need to convince your reader in few sentences.

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Let me give you a plan that you can use. It’s called DIC, the D stands for disturb so usually, it’s an image that disturbs the attention of the reader. You need to choose an image that is not common and which stand out from all the publication he sees every day on this social media. Then you have the I, which stands for Interest, this part is the description of the ADS. You will tease the curiosity of the reader but never tell him what you are selling. You have to build interest to the point where he wants to know more about it. Finally, with the C, which stands for Call to action, you will tell him what to do, like “click here to have a healthy life”. With this method, you will increase your conversion rate for sure.

3) Copywriting for E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is in my opinion the best copywriting strategy for E-commerce! Because you don’t invest money or even if you do, it will not be a lot compare to the ads (Mailchimp). Also, we have a better conversion than articles if you write correctly. However, a lot of businesses use it just to share promotions and news about their business. To write an email that will provide you more sales in the long term, you need to understand your audience. What is their ideal state? What is blocking them from reaching this state? Usually is your products or service that will help them as we saw before.

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With that in mind, you can now write your emails by providing value or making them understand their problem. Know that usually, your audience is people who have subscribed to your newsletter. Meaning that they are interested in the subject, so there is a lot of chance that they open it.

For that, you can use the model I give you before but readapt it in the form of an email. Disturb, will be the subject usually because is the first thing that they see in their email box. If you have their names perfect, you will personalize it like “Do you feel good when you eat something unhealthy Name?”.

Then Interested, you will provide them with a value like a recipe or explain to them what unhealthy food does to your body. And the Call to action will promote something like your articles or a consultation with you to discuss it.

Now you know, apply it to grow your E-commerce!

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