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What is Newsjacking and how to use it ?

First of all, what is Newsjacking?

What is Newsjacking and how to use it? Newsjacking is a digital marketing practice. It consists in surfing a trend  to get more visibility on social medias, and profitable spin-offs. For instance, as Squid Game (the new Korean Netflix’s survival drama directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk ) has broke so many audience records. You have witnessed many brands that have surfed on the trend, offering content referring to the series.

On their Instagram Account, PEPSI uses Newsjacking to create original content.
Pepsi Instagram account is using Squid Game famous game  to post new trendy content.


Durex is using Squid Game Newsjacking content to create trendy post
Durex is also using Squid Game to create orignal content.

Durex went even further, by putting forward their main selling points, namely the resistance of their material, so to speak.

Now that you know about it, let’s tell you why it’s a benefit to your social networks!

To Stand Out

Indeed, this strategy is not used by everyone yet. Why not? Because preparing a quality content to rebound on a current event requires to please the target, to be reactive and effective. And only the reactive  companies have understood this today and stand out on the web.

So why not you? It can only be positive for your business! In order to anticipate current events, you could always look to the next trends on Twitter and then prepare your content for Instagram, Facebook  or TikTok.

To strengthen the Suscriber-Brand Bond

As we all well know, Internet users are connected and regularly check social medias for entertainment. So why not offer your faithful subscribers entertaining content related to current events, while thinking about your business?

This will strengthen the emotional bond of your subscribers towards your brand. The more you offer them content related to their interests, the more they will remember you and the more they will naturally become attached to your brand. And the more you offer them content that is too promotional, the less engagement they will have and the less they will remember you…


To sum up, surfing on the news or on a trend can make people talk about you! If you publish a post, at the appropriate place, at the appropriate time, to the right target, with the right words, the content can become viral and increase the popularity of your brand.

If you want more tips to manage your social networks I encourage you to follow this link.


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