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5 Easy steps for engagement for your business on Instagram!

5 Easy steps for engagement for your business on Instagram!

Over the years, social media has gained a huge impact on how businesses present themselves and gain popularity. It is, therefore, very important for businesses to know how to increase and engage with their following on social media. Nowadays, it will assure their livelihood against their many new emerging competitors. Instagram, being one of the biggest impactful social media, is not one to be neglected. Therefore, it is important for them to detain a well-founded Instagram account, if necessary, to have a competitive edge and reach a bigger audience.

Here are 5 easy steps to have great engagement on Instagram for your business account!

1. Always be consistent!

It is important to schedule your posts and stories. It will ensure that your business has time to respond to the engagement that has resulted from the new posts. However, when building engagement, it is important to follow up with the response and not leave your audience without answers. It will keep your new following intrigued by your business and its activities.

Tip: Make a calendar of scheduled posts to facilitate the consistency of your Instagram page!

2. Publish interactive stories!

Instagram offers a variety of interactive tools to create engagement with your followers, especially in the stories of the application. For example, a variety such as stickers, polls, countdowns, quizzes, and many more are easy to use and create engagement. They are very enticing for followers to participate each week. As a result, you are creating big engagement with your following and can easily get to know your fan base!

Tip: These tools are very easy to use, but always make sure that these stories have an aesthetic look to bring even more engagement!

3. Captions that engage with followers!

They are easy ways to capture followers with just a simple post! However, you can create bigger engagement by having captions that make your followers like, comment, or even share your posts on other social media or even in their Instagram stories! You can write captions that detain or finish with questions to encourage followers to comment their point of view. In addition, Emoji or capital letters can make a big difference to capture your follower’s attention!

Tip: Make sure that the first line is eye-catching!

4. Use of hashtags!

With the use of hashtags, it can bring your posts and, even your stories, to a whole new level of engagement on Instagram! Indeed, this will expand your reach to a new possible audience on Instagram. For example, at the end of the new post, making sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your content and that target your audience will expand the view of your post! You can always use trendy hashtags to insert your content in what is trendy at the moment!

5. Use Instagram to its full potential!

Instagram offers many different options to interact with the audience and your followers. As a business account, you should be able to take advantage of all the different possibilities. For example, posting content, stories, going live on IGTV, posting reels, and many more are all different creative sides that will be able to boost your engagement on this platform!

Tip: Do not be afraid to try something new! It could be the next trend on the platform!

In conclusion, by trying these different strategies and figuring out your audience, your engagement on the platform will grow and your business will be able to see results!

Thanks for reading!


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