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4 Steps to design a Social Media Advertising Strategy

4 Steps to design a Social Media Advertising Strategy

4 Steps to design a Social Media Advertising Strategy

Nowadays, paid social advertising is the most reliable way to attract customers, gain content views and drive more sales from day one. As 75 percent of Gen Zers and 48 percent of millennials are affected by social media ads in 2021 when making purchasing decisions, and in 2020 social media ad spend in the United States was valued at $40.3 billion.

Social media advertisements are advertisements served to users on social media platforms. If you want to stand out from the crowd, whether you’re a big or small business, paid social media advertising is a must, because relying on changes to social media algorithms and search engine results can feel near impossible. While organic search is the most cost-effective and convenient choice, the chances of getting viral without spending money are minimal.

In order to build a creative Social Media advertising strategy it is advisable to follow four steps.
Firstly, your business may determine what to sell by identifying which of the products are most valuable and generate high profits, therefore should be central to your advertising efforts. Secondly, it is required to research your audience as it is essential to understand them, who they are and what they want in order to understand what the product can do for them. Moreover, the third step consists of using a creative platform, social media offers the opportunity to choose in which platform you want to introduce your digital advertising, despite the fact that you must accept the reality that all social platforms have their own limits, such as the fact that marketers have less time to capture the audience’s attention before scrolling up to the next video or ad, as Facebook users spend, on average, only 1.7 seconds with a piece of mobile content. In addition, you must take on consideration of creating an ad for mobiles. Given that over 98 percent of Facebook users visit the app via a mobile device, it’s critical that your ads are optimized for mobile devices rather than simply desktop screens.
The last step is to create your digital marketing campaign. Once you get to know your product, target, platform and budget, it’s time to fit the puzzle pieces together.

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