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How to get views on Youtube?

Unique views are the first steps towards gaining popularity within YouTube, but how can we attract new audiences to follow our channel. Here are some tips on how creating a loyal fanbase, but consistency and creativity are the key concepts you need to practice in order to start getting views.

1- Have good and catchy titles.

Titles is what makes you want to click on the link. A good title shows the good content in what the video’s about. The title length should keep it between 55 and 70 characters, it’s not too brief not too long. Beside, the most important thing is keywords, must make sure that the main keywords are prominent with your title.

2- Engage with your audiences.

YouTube is a platform where communities are fostered and grown, if the video has a good comment section it will increase your view. Effectively, The YouTube algorithm favors videos with mount of likes, shares and videos with high engagement rates can increase your YouTube views. Liking and responding to comments doesn’t take a lot of your time. Build a meaningful relationship with your viewers and they will be back.

3- Create series.

Create different theme of videos and stick them in playlists. Link them within your YouTube cards. You can keep your viewers interested with cliff-hangers: ‘We’ll find out in the next video.’ By release weekly video within the series, it gives people reason to watch your videos regularly and it will increase your YouTube views.

A girl who is filming herself talking about fllorist ready to post on YouTube for views.


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