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Why are micro influencers important for your business?

Why are micro influencers important?Why are micro influencers important for your business?

If you don’t know who micro influencers are and why micro influencers are important for your business this post is going to help you to find out. Micro influencers have from 1K to a couple of thousands of followers on social media (in this case we are talking about Instagram). They have plenty of advantages for your business and are a good investment for your influencer marketing budget. It may seem an inappropriate question (Why are micro influencers important?) as young people, who are used to scroll their Instagram page every second and are overwhelmed by peers sponsoring brands know how much social media influence drives our lives. Differently enterprises, like you, usually neglect the importance of social media. Here some data that can help to convince you of why micro influencers are important for your business: an Edelman report shows that 63% of people between 18 and 34 trust more influencers’ words than the company’s advertisements. Indeed it becomes vital for businesses to find young advocates with thousands of followers on social media to show the company’s product. It is therefore necessary to explain the importance of micro influencers. Micro influencers permit to focus on a segment or on an area of interest and due to this reason, results show that they reach higher levels of engagement from their followers. Surveys reveal that 82% of consumers would buy something a micro influencer recommended. Here the answer to why micro influencers are important and can be seen today as a key to success for your business: because of their authentic profiles consumers perceive mciro influencers as relatable and are more likely to follow them. Moreover, they are less expensive compared to mega influencers, which have more followers but less reach or engagement. Another reason why micro influencers are important is because they can increase brand awareness : they are a vehicle to spread the company’s product or message.

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