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What will be the future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing ?

Artificial Intelligence, AI, we all have heard of it in the last years. It has radically taken over the business models, the sales process, the way consumers behave and, as a consequence, the Marketing strategies that need to be applied in order to interact and win our customers.

The world we live in.

According to a survey carried by Salesforce, AI will be the most adopted technology in the world of marketing in the next few years. 

The world is now open. The web is the world’s largest shopping mall full of websites for you to feed your unending needs. Online Shopping has for sure been one of the principal sectors. It has suffered exponential growth in the last couple years, and now algorithms predict consumer preferences. And they  not only allow you to find the best deals all over the web, but also suggest what best fits your style among millions of other possibilities. This makes marketers transform their tools to fit this new world of automated selection.

AI involves Vocal assistance, Online Shopping, Technology, Robotics, Self Driving Cars
Marketing, AI, Future, Artificial Intelligence

Customers don’t necessarily need to search anymore, computers do that for them and they can even do that better than they would themselves. Sorting for millions of options, some known and some others not. 

But that doesn’t end in Online Shopping, it expands to every aspect of our life. Cars, for example, drive themselves and select optimal routes, clothing shelves are filled for you before you even search, and the best offers are available for what you planned to buy. All of this due to a small chat with your partner over dinner thanks to hearing devices inside our cellphones. 

Self Driving cars using AI
Marketing, AI, Future, Artificial Intelligence

Next frontieer: endless possibilities.

What then, can we do as marketers to approach this change, and make use of this tools before someone else does ?

First and foremost, we should see AI as our best friend, working at our service. 

Let’s think about it. AI assist us in almos all of our daily routinary tasks. Perfect examples are  when we select the keywords to develop ads campaigns. AI gathers and analyses Big Data to give us the perfect words to use. Self driving cars are perfect places to integrate ads related to the place you are going. Another idea could be appearing more often in the devices of a car user if he always passes in front of your company’s rival. 

Possibilities are endless, technology creates more and more advertising tactics,  smart devices reveal almost all of our consumer’s behaviour and preferences . The only limit that exists is what the marketer’s mind is able to conceive.

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