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What is remarketing?

what is remarketing

We know that every marketing campaign targets only a specific customer segment. But what is remarketing campaign?

To find out what is remarketing and how it works, firstly we need to specify a marketing campaign.
A marketing campaign can target the very essence of the presented service or product when it is straight clear that f.e. the advertisement of the alcoholic beverage will not interest the abstinent. It can target with its content and processing. More dynamic spots, depictions of adrenaline activities, etc. will appeal to young audiences, on the other hand, depictions of attractive ladies will attract the attention of men. Advertising campaigns on the Internet and social media can target directly by showing them to specific groups of users according to pre-set criteria and differential features.

So what is remarketing?

what is remarketing

Remarketing is a method of targeting a campaign to people who have previously visited the entrepreneur’s website (or other people using online marketing). For the targeting of PPC ads, we can also sometimes use the word retargeting, which a similar to what is remarketing. This online marketing method aims to recall the advertised website and its offer and bring back the previous applicant.

However, what is remarketing as of today does not have to be focused only on previous clients who have used the offer and who can be offered new services and products or additional goods. It can also be a reminder of the offer to the person who viewed the site but left without completing the order. Such a person could leave the website for time reasons, to reconsider a possible purchase, check the state of finances, etc. and it is only in the interest of the operator of the advertised website to repeat his offer, push the consumer’s decision or even offer him any form of discount through remarketing and other benefits. Getting the consumer to complete the order, gaining a new customer, who can then return on their own, is the main reason for using remarketing.

Whether what is remarketing takes the form of regular text, a banner, or even regular video today, it is an effective and functional method by which the website repeats its offer and obtains new and new closed transactions at a low cost.


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