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What is my best domain name for search engine optimization?

What is a domain name and why it is important?

The best domain name possible is important for the search engine optimization. It is like the GPS address of a company. It is in the URL of your website in which you are trying to bring in more traffic. It is the backbone of a company online presence and should be the first talking point in the online marketing plan. For Google’s search engine optimization, a good domain name will be more credible, trustworthy and will overall bring in more clicks that will improve the quality score of a company.

TLDs (compare and

TLDs (Top Level Domains) appear after your domain name they are an important component to consider. Back in the days, ”.com” what the best one to choose and in many cases, still is! This depends on what your company is trying to achieve. In SEMRush, if we take Ikea as an example, the TLD “.com” brings many more clicks worldwide than “.ca”. ikea canada tld trafficikea worldwide tld traffic

If your company mission is to become worldwide then “.com” is probably the best idea. However, if the plan is to build a strong presence in Canada then “.ca” could be more credible and bring in more traffic from the wanted source. Every part of the domain name is important and to be considered.

To end with TLDs, there are a lot of them and with “.com” being overused, more TLDs could be a strong option. Domain names are to be unique and some could bring even more credibility to your customers then “.com”. Let’s take accountant and law firms as an example. This branch of work often use the last names of the founders as the company name. This leads to firms having similar names that are unclear to the customer. A new account firm could use a TLD like “” to bring in more traffic and increase their quality score in Google’s search engine.



branding name search engine optimization

As stated previously, domain name is an important factor of branding for the company. The best domain name must be intuitive, short and brandable (memorable). This will indirectly help the search engine. Better domain name will attract overall more traffic that will lead to better quality score and will optimize the result of the company for Google’s search engine.





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