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What is Interactive Content Marketing?

As consumers become more involved in the buying process, they are consuming more content than ever, desensitizing them to ordinary content. This is why interactive content marketing has become a holy grail for marketers. This type of content encourages users to engage with the advertisements such as clicking-through, answering or playing with it, creating a more personalized experience for the consumer. Studies show that interactive content generates 2 times more conversions than passive content as well as 5 times more page views than ordinary content (Haylor, 2019). Interactive content marketing can be very expensive but extremely valuable since it provides insight in the user’s psyche, giving the opportunity to create a more personalized interactive marketing campaign. By creating this positive shared experience, brand loyalty and awareness can be developed. Here are a few examples of interactive content marketing techniques:

Interactive infographics

This type of interactive content marketing helps deliver important information through a more visual experience. It engages users visually along with simplifying the information so to better understand the service or product. Here is an example of an infographic on learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

interactive content infographicQuizzes

Quizzes help organizations drive traffic as well as engagement to its brand. It also guides companies in understanding customers better by educating people on its product or by recommending one. Companies like Buzzfeed rely heavily on quizzes to bring traction to their site.

interactive content quizzesSurvey and polls

This type of content can be easily set up and can collect valuable information about users. They can receive feedback, various insights as well as purchasing preferences (Pokornyik, n.d.). For example, Netflix sent out this survey to customers to improve their streaming content.

interactive content survey


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