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What are the types of email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to do marketing. Therefore, it is important to use that tool efficiently to ensure every penny is well spent. In order for your email marketing strategy to be as coherent as possible, it is crucial to know why and when you are sending an email. Presented below are the three types of email marketing that you can use.


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Transactional email marketing

First of all, this type of email is used to provide a good costumer service. To clarify, the emails are templates sent by automated systems. Client are receiving them to confirm you are proceeding to the next step of the transaction. In addition, transactional emails are presenting yourself as responsible and well-stuctured, by keeping prospects up to date.

You can send transactional email for the following actions :

  • Order confirmation
  • Purchase receipts
  • Shipping notices
  • Account creation
  • Return confirmation
  • Support tickets
  • Password reminders
  • Unsubscribe confirmations


Relational email marketing

Secondly, the relational emails are useful to keep a good relationship with the consumer. It also makes them feel involved with the firm. Moreover, these emails should be used to inform the clients about the company. For instance, it can be used to inform them about your news. Also, it is useful to collect information about them and to gain new subscribers. Contrary to the transactional emails that are automated, a more personal touch can be found, which adds to their value.

The relational emails are used in the following contexts :

  • New subscriber welcome
  • Gated content delivery
  • Newsletters & Blog Articles
  • Webinar & Event confirmation
  • Survey & Review
  • Social update
  • Contest announcement
  • Referral Request


Promotional email marketing

Finally, you should use promotional emails to induce sales. It is a way to create an incentive for the consumer to buy from you. Certainly, there are many ways to prompt interest for your company.

Here are the ways to use a promotional email :

  • Promotional content
  • New gated content
  • Sale announcement
  • New product release
  • Webinar announcements
  • Trial offers
  • Upgrade offers



In conclusion, you now know what are the three types of email marketing. Above all, you can now decide on which type of email to use depending on your intention. Only then can you hope to make it relevant to your prospects.




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