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Utilizing the power of keywords on the Internet to your advantage

Old generation versus New generation:

It is important to understand how Internet has changed the landscape of our daily lives in this society compared to previous generations. The worldwide web has opened doors and offers opportunities to people were impossible before. An example could be to apply or be referred for a job. Previously, people had to show up to stores and firms or browse the newspapers to apply for a job. At the present time, a social media platform called LinkedIn offers the opportunity to people to acquire jobs by presenting their job experiences and achievements through posts to market themselves to corporations. How times have changed! Many examples of these changes have helped people work more efficiently in a shorter time period.

Extensively, companies have utilized Internet and platforms to their advantage. Researching for a subject has drastically evolved with the introduction of search engines. Not so long ago, people had to visit the library and browse between books for hours to find information related to a subject. Now, people search a subject with keywords, and they obtain millions of results in a few seconds. Therefore, it is easier to find a product or service which is more valuable to customers because it can be accessed more effortlessly to their specific needs. This leads us to this question: how can a company capitalize on this opportunity?

The old technology versus the new technology

Power of Keywords:  

Keywords are tools used to acquire information that a person needs. The search engine has algorithms programmed to offer results based on the relevancy of the keywords inserted in it. For instance, a customer is looking to buy a chair in their local area. He will type on a search engine: “chair stores near me”. The results generated will be stores that offered chairs in a 5 kilometers radius from his location Thus, marketing teams must research keywords which are relevant to their product or service. This strategy will narrow down customers who have interest in similar ideas or passions towards their brand. It will help them better understand and target the optimal consumer segment. As a result, this marketing will generate more sales while minimizing cold marketing.

Furthermore, companies can utilize the power of keywords to build brand awareness around their products or services to acquire attention and desirability. An important concept to understand is called brand awareness. To acquire attention on the market, an enterprise must build a brand image. Creating a culture around a brand will build a relationship between the customer and the company. This relationship is based on the alignment of both parties’ interests and values. Consequently, the brand will generate more sales thanks to the loyalty acquired from the customer. This can be achieved by using digital media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

keywords in a search engine

Is Google a powerhouse for marketing?

The ultimate search engine which is known to be a tool to grow brand awareness, acquire customers and retain them after their purchase through keywords. Foremost, Google is currently the leading web browser in the world. This company offers tools to help companies build brands from scratch at a local and an international scale. Multiple features are available on Google to develop a better marketing campaign to target specific more successfully. The first interesting feature is to buy keywords on Google called Branding Search. This strategy is where the company buys keywords making these words exclusive to the brand. For example, Nike is the highest bidder for “shoes”. When a customer searches on Google for “shoes”, Nike will appear as the top potential store for their needs. Enterprises need to bid on keywords associated with their brand to increase the relationship between the idea and the brand. Branding search will help increase website traffic on the website resulting in a growth of potential clients and sales. The second resource is Competitive Search from Google. This platform gives an insight into what the local users are searching for and how the competition is acquiring these clients. Companies can take advantage of this feature because it will help them capitalize on missed opportunities and conquer portions of the market that competitors have. It gives insights on search terms, local competitive queries, local competitive clicks and local competitive visits.  

Building an empire from scratch has gotten effortless thanks to keywords.



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