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UGC Marketing: an Efficient Concept That Will Save Your Brand Time AND Money

With the rise of how important social media is in our generation, big and small brands have no choice but to pay attention and incorporate digital marketing tools and concepts to keep up with the market. Many businesses try to find THE most effective and innovative recipe that generate as much gains as they can from their marketing strategy and try to treasure it before competitors can reproduce it as well.

That is the case with User-Generated Content, or UGC, at the beginning of the year of 2021, when this method started to become very successful.

Profil of a black woman filming herself with a ringlight putting on lipstick at home on her desk for UGC.

But First, What is UGC Exactly?

User-Generated Content is a marketing method in which customers make content on how they use a brand’s product and post about it on social media. This type of content not being a paid ad forced by the brand, but a very organic ad from actual consumers that appreciate and use your product, is what makes it even more influential for purchasing decisions at the end. The idea is to create a certain proximity and trust between the brand and its direct clientele to show real reviews and real reactions about the product or service itself.

Now, How Can UGC be a Lifesaver for Big and Small Brands in Terms of Marketing?

Not only does it save the marketing team a lot of money, but an amount of time that can not be compared as well for content creating.

First of, brands don’t have to make content anymore about their products, or at least not as much as before, for them to post on their social medias. Since these contents can be generated by some users directly, all what’s left to do is repost the videos, pictures, reviews, blog posts or whatever content that suits the brand’s social on their main medias. Knowing that the average time spent by businesses on their social media content is 10 hours per week, the approach of UGC saves them a lot of time on creating specific online content and ads for the brand and lets them have more time to focus on other marketing tasks instead.

Preview of an instagram page of a brand with different content about their products (videos, pictures, etc). UGC

The other very appreciated benefit is the amount of money saved by doing UGC instead of doing big marketing campaigns like on TV, on billboards or collaborations or even with the use of influencers. In fact, a single UGC video or post can range from only 150$ to 250$ for example (and even then, some creators can charge for less). Many offers a few bundles as well, depending on the aspect of the content, the type of footage or concepts use, which can be more profitable for brands. For example, a bundle of 5 videos could be charged for 854$, meaning 170$ per video, instead of a single video of 212$. Compared to the average online ad campaign from Google advertising for example, which can go between 9 000$ to 10 000$ per month!

UGC a Powerful Marketing Tool

In other words, User-Generated Content, also known as UGC, is a very effective way of influencing others to go and buy your product in a natural way. The trust between the users and the brand will also be tighter since these types of contents are more genuine and less forced or fake. From big brand names to smaller businesses, this form of digital marketing is huge at the moment and a game-changer for many of them.

A cellphone showing a woman talking in a megaphone and beside the cellphone, people following her lead with likes, comments and reaction emojis from their social media. UGC


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