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Types of Digital Marketing That Can Improve Your Business

Which type of digital marketing can my business use?

Digital marketing has been known to revolutionize today’s business world. It is important to understand the multiple ways a business can use digital marketing to attract and engage its consumers. This article will abord the different types of digital marketing used.

Type 1: Social Media Marketing

Firstly, there is social media marketing, which refers to advertising done on any social media platform, as the name explicitly infers. This type of digital marketing is interesting for startups since it can be used without funds. Indeed, creating an account is free! Although it is free at first, there is often options on platforms that offer paid advertising opportunities. This enables your company to increase its visibility. These options are NOT mandatory. These are identified by having “sponsored” near the company’s name on an Instagram post, for example.

Type 2: SEO & SEM

Secondly, there is the search engine optimization (SEO) that tags along with search engine marketing (SEM). SEOs enables a company to improve their SEM. The objective this type of digital marketing is to increase a company’s positioning in search results. This means being in the top articles or websites that pop up when a search has been made using your company’s keywords or anything that could link that search to your products.  Indeed, the best SEO software will give a company additional knowledge to boost their ranking on search results.

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Type 3: Email Marketing

Thirdly, there is the traditional email marketing where a company uses emails to gain information about their clients and to design emails. To fully capitalize on this type of digital marketing, a software is tremendously important to create an appropriate email campaign. Email marketing can be used with a CRM to store the information collected.

Type 4: PPC Advertising

Fourthly, PPC advertising are the moment when a company pays a fee every time someone clicks on your digital ads. This paying concept is similar to a paid search. This pairs well with the paid options of a social media marketing platform such as Instagram since you can see how many people you can attract with your ad.

Type 5: Content Marketing

Lastly, there is content marketing. This does not involve the content posted on social media marketing platforms but rather educational display of information such as blogs, info-letters, educational videos and more. Content marketing and social media marketing are therefore two different types of digital marketing.

In conclusion, dismissing digital marketing is not recommended since it is the backbone of how you share your message and gather information. There are five main types of digital marketing regrouping a mix of free or paying motives which serve that objective. It is also inevitable that digital marketing should be adapted to mobile, since it is easier to reach many people at any time. Most people always have their mobile device on them which increases visibility.

Reference: ADITHAM, Kiran & NOVAK, Jeanette,”Digital Marketing in 2023: The Ultimate Guide”, Forbes, August 1st 2023.

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