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Towards an Olympic Games revolution with digital marketing?

The 2024 Summer Olympics taking place in Paris in a few months’ time will be the event of the year for sure. While these Games have been around since ancient times, it would be interesting to watch their evolution. It may well be that digital marketing will play a major role in broadcasting, advertising and visibility on a global scale.

While events are usually broadcast on global TV channels, things could be very different for this edition. Indeed, with the boom in social networking, we’re going to see many of these classic channels switch to younger, more fashionable means of broadcasting. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch or even TikTok will cover events in a much more intense and intimate way, via their “Story” and “Live”. We’ll be able to see behind-the-scenes footage, training sessions and never-before-seen interviews, something that conventional television just doesn’t allow.

Paris 2024 - The official host for Olympics Games.

What’s more, for partner and sponsor brands, digital marketing will be an excellent way of redoubling the effectiveness of their communications. As the younger generation is ultra-connected, brands will have greater visibility. It’s also possible that the price of these new means of communication will skyrocket.

VISA, the poker game ?

So let me tell you, these Olympic Games will be a real springboard for all companies wishing to sell their products/services. For the others, those who haven’t managed to jump on the new communications bandwagon, it’ll be hard to catch up. Very often, we find that the companies that have made this transition successfully are the young ones. In fact, you can’t hesitate to invest massively in good community managers and advertising resources. It’s all about following the trend and riding the wave of 2.0 marketing. One company has understood this very well: Visa. Info: Visa will cover all events, and MasterCard, Amex and other cards will not be authorized. A first success for them.

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