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TikTok: Marketing’s One-stop Shop

Created in 2016, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 1.7 billion users, presenting a vast variety of short videos. From cooking tutorials to viral dances to lifestyle videos, the app can tailor itself to each of its users taste with their “For You Page”. Its mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

TikTok is a free and user-friendly platform with the possibility to capture or upload a video, using trending songs and multiple filters and effects.

Businesses can sell products directly on the app with TikTok Shop.

Why Should Businesses Use TikTok for Marketing?

Firstly, using this viral app as a marketing platform creates a fun and interesting way for customers to interact with the business. It enhances brand identity and awareness. Thanks to its popularity and algorithm, it is easy to partner with influencers and to reach the target audience with the right hashtags and sounds.

Secondly, the platform allows businesses to showcase their creativity in an out of the ordinary way, like creating challenges, following trends, making tutorials, providing behind the scenes content, or by simply using in app Ads.

Finally, once the product or service is promoted, users can directly buy it from the integrated shopping feature available from the link in the creator’s bio, making the transaction as simple as that.

Access to performance analytics through the TikTok app.

Measuring Businesses Success

Once the business has been marketed with a short video, the app keeps track of the accounts performance. TikTok provides details such as:

  • Summary analysis: Number of views on the video, profile views, number of likes and comments, etc.
  • Content analysis: Trending videos, total playback time, audience reach, average viewing time, etc.
  • Follower analysis: Genre, main territory, etc.
  • LIVE analytics: Total videos, total time, new followers, etc.

In addition, you can have access to important KPIs like branding (Impressions, Reach, CPM), traffic (Clicks, CPC, CTR, Landing Page) and conversions (CPA).

To conclude, a business that has an account with TikTok can create content, promote, sell on TikTok Shop and keep track of its performance all at the same time. Some may call this “Marketing’s One-stop Shop”.


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