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influencers are present everywhere nowadays, specially in brand crisis incidents
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The role of influencers when dealing with brand crisis

In a world where news and information spread rapidly across social media, brands are increasingly turning to influencers to play a major role in brand crisis management. Brand crisis can be every event or situation that impacts negatively the reputation of a company. In this article, I will discuss how influencers can impact a brand’s reputation during times of brand crisis and scandal.

Influencers as Brand Representatives

When promoting a certain brand or product, influencers become associated with it. Therefore, it is extremely important for brands to select influencers whose values align with those of the brand. For instance, if we are talking about a brand whose main characteristic is its environmental concerns, it would be fundamental for that brand to choose influencers to work with that are known for their eco-friendly and reduced-waste lifestyle, and not just any regular influencer. This is because a strong foundation of shared values establishes authenticity and trust not only between the influencer and the brand, but also for the consumers.

brands rely on influencers as a way to promote their values and products, even more when dealing with brand crisis

Brand Crisis Communication through Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, more and more brands are relying on influencers to reduce the effects of their brand crisis. In times of brand crisis, effective communication is a vital way for brands to maintain trust and credibility. Influencers, through their substantial follower base, can rapidly spread information. This enables them to reach audiences that may not be easily accessible through traditional communication channels, such as newspapers, television, and radio. They, as relatable personalities, can humanize the brand’s response, create empathy and emotional connection with the audience, and help rebuild trust. Moreover, influencers, in order to diminish the impact of brand crisis, can promote brand campaigns, such as giveways. This way, influencers can positively impact public opinion and therefore minimize the effects of the brand crisis.


In conclusion, influencers aligned with a brand’s values serve as powerful advocates, especially in challenging times. Their support not only helps navigate brand crisis but also contributes to building brand reputation. Investing in influencers who share the same values as the brand can be a strategic move that pays off not only during brand crisis but also in building long-term customer trust and loyalty.

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