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Athlete marketing – Why?

As we grow more and more into marketing in a digital world, the idea of athlete marketing becomes more important than ever before. The strategy behind the building of an athletes brand becomes key to build and maintain brand value for current and potential fans.

What makes athlete marketing so important?

In a world where so much is happening online, much of the focus around athlete marketing is shifted towards the digital platforms. With increasing availability through the web comes increasing opportunity and exposure to athlete marketing. Much of athlete marketing circuits around the presence on social media. How athletes express themselves. From what they say to what clothes they wear or even who they follow on social media. This have an enormous effect on their fans and their beliefs.

Athlete marketing - Why?

In today’s sports world most of the athlete’s influence comes from the digital world and their athlete marketing. From all around the world people support their favorite athletes but does not always have the means to attend games. Instead we follow them on social media and relate to the athlete marketing in a new and more digital way. We support their posts, want to dress like them or even strive to become what they are. This has opened up so many possibilities and a reach through athlete marketing that was not possible before.


The effect of an increasing digital world

The increasing digitalization has made it easy for almost anyone to stay online for most of the day. With young kids following their favorite sports athletes on social media to the older generation following sports news regarding certain players. The brand building and athlete marketing never stops in today’s world. Even if your on the court or off the court, the brand building is a part of an athletes every day life. This makes athlete marketing a very powerful tool but could also negatively affect their brands if used wrong.


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