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The 4 Types of AI you should be familiar with?

Since its appearance, Artificial Intelligence has quickly become part of our lives. Little do we know about the impact that AI has on our lives. From facial recognition to suggestions for a new restaurant AI, a lot of questions have come to light regarding whether if AI is going to be or is already something more powerful than us. But before going to the deeper questions, we should be familiar with what exactly Artificial Intelligence is and what are the 4 types of AI known to us.

To begin with, Artificial Intelligence has many definitions, but the most commonly used is the following one: “Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.” (Frankenfield,2021) In other words, it is the science of teaching machines how to do human tasks. That said let’s move on to the 4 types of AI.

4 types, 4 worlds…

The first type of AI is Reactive Machines. This is the most simple form of AI as it is a machine that is programmed to react depending on a series of stimuli. It is used for very simple and specific tasks and the machine does not have memory capacity. This means it reacts in the present moment without using any past information. It’s almost like it lives in the present moment.

The second type of AI resembles reactive machines. The difference is that this type of AI can use past data to make a decision, Limited memory machines. Facial recognition and automatic driving by Tesla use limited memory AI.

The third type of AI is the Theory of mind. Theory of mind starts getting closer to the human mind. These forms of AI would be able to learn, understand and use human interaction. Thus, it would also be able to adapt to humans and any social situation. For example, Chatbots when browsing in an online store is a common application of the Theory of Mind. Although, sometimes these applications do not reproduce the exact same behavior of humans.

The final type of AI is Consciousness or Self-Awareness is a form of AI that humanity has yet to reach. This is the type of AI that we have all seen in the Terminator movies, where SKYNET (the Internet) becomes self-aware and decides to end humanity with machines. In other words, it would be a machine that would have exact human behavior. These types of machines would be able to make their own decisions and have thoughts of their own.

Self-Awareness AI!
Self-Awareness AI!
Visual Summary of the 4 types of AI









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