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Videos and How They Can Help Your Business Grow.

Studies have shown that it takes 2.5 seconds for a customer to either stay on your page or scroll down to the next most interesting thing. However, the average human attention span is set at 8.25 seconds. So how can digital companies deliver well their messages to their visitors? The answer is with short videos.

What Is a Short Video and What Can it Do?

A short video is a compilation of images and sounds with very little text. Those videos last between 7 to 15 seconds and they allow the creator to synthetize their mission and their message through 2 out of the 5 senses: hearing and sight. Therefore, using the right images and sounds can reach the right audience and gain their attention.

Benefits of Short Videos

Indeed, as short videos have become the trend in the digital world, it is for many reasons. Firstly, it lets the creator be creative! In order to really stand out, a company needs to promote itself with dynamic and attractive content at all times. Short videos allow you to innovate constantly. Secondly, shorter content is easier to edit than longer ones as it consumes less time and energy to do. It also forces you to synthetize your work. In other words, it lets target the most important parts of the message shared.

A girl editing her video with a coffee in order to highlight how easy and relaxing it is to create content videos.

Risk of Short Videos

As mentioned before, short videos need innovation. In order to gain a visitor’s liking, a company either needs to start a trend or make it its own. It is a very difficult task to realize because of the growth of that digital marketing approach. Nevertheless, if one company is able to create content that answers a customer interest and attention span, it will surely extend its expertise. Otherwise, onto the next best idea!

Why Moving to Short Videos?

In conclusion, considering all the different marketing approaches, short videos have been the most popular amongst the public. It is easy to understand and satisfying to watch.

A girl filming her make-up routine to highlight how fun and exciting it is to create content

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