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Short form video

Short Form Video

Short form video in social media

Thanks to Tiktok which is a short form video platform with the highest number of downloads on App Store in the U.S. in 2021, short form video becomes a new trend in social media, especially the teenagers. Lots of social media platforms added this function to attract users globally, for instance, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest Idea Pins. The video length is flexible. It depends on the social media restrictions that you use. The 3-minute video is allowed to post on Tiktok.

Short form video in digital marketing

Social media becomes popular around the world. The short form video posted on social media is a new way for advertising and building brand engagement from the customers without exhausting their time.  According to the research, 71% of teenagers who are generation Z spend over three hours watching online videos every day. 72% of consumers prefer video marketing rather than text marketing. 66% of video advertisements are less than 30 seconds. 93% of marketers use social media videos to attract customers. 84% of consumers chose to purchase the products or services because of the brands’ videos. Therefore, the marketing video needs to be creative, short, and attractive to stand out in the competitive market and increase sales.

Short form video types

3 types of short form videos can be used in e-commerce. The company can do the selection according to the customers’ needs. It will be more effective if selected the right model.

Informational and Educational content

Informational and Educational content is a good starting point using short form videos as a way of advertising.  This type of video is displaying the demo or results of using the products and services of the brands. Some of the examples are the make-up tutorial of the company’s whole set cosmetic products, the matching of trendy outfits. This type of short form video can convince the customers to do the decision to buy the products or try the services as they can see the outcome of using them. It builds trust in the customers.

User-generated content (UGC)

User-generated content short form video is increasing engagement from the customers.  It is letting the users, followers, and fans of the brands have a voice and speak on behalf of your brand. The format is capturing content from the users, brand fans, and followers’ videos or comments about the products or services by making posts via social media. According to the studies, the performance of user-generated content is better than traditional advertising.  56% of consumers think they prefer to see the UGC photos and videos via the brand’s social media.


FAQs short form video is a way to boost brand loyalty and credibility. As mentioned above, the general prefer watching videos to reading text. Using video format with little text talking about the specific brand-related or the general industry-related queries in the videos can give the professional information to the customers lively and clearly. It can bring a stronger bonding with the customers and the brand to increase loyalty as the videos are more personal.


Short form video will become the major trend of digital marketing on social media as numerous of information online so people are not willing to spend lots of time to receive them. Simple and fast is the key to short form video.


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