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Search engine optimization (SEO) : Why companies should use Semrush

In 2022, people have access to a ton of information on the Internet in a matter of seconds. The irony is that so much data can lead to confusion for companies looking to improve their SEO strategy as they don’t know what information to look for and where to start. This is when Semrush comes into play. 

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an online software that is subscription-based. It takes data from Bing and Google search engines and provides subscribers with keywords information and figures to improve their SEO strategy and think one step ahead of their competition. Semrush is used by more than 10 million marketers and has won 21 awards as best SEO software. Semrush is also used by a third of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Apple, Walmart, P&G, Tesla and Samsung as their go-to SEO tool.

What does Semrush have to offer?

Semrush regroups more than 43 trillion backlinks, 21 billion keywords and 808 million domain profiles. The software provides more than 50 tools for companies to use and improve their SEO strategy. 

Here are some of Semrush’s most useful tools:

Keyword Magic Tool : This tool helps marketers find which keywords are the most relevant as it ranks them by intent, difficulty, monthly search volume and cost-per-click (CPC). 

Domain Overview tool : This helps users analyze their own site’s SEO performance as it indicates their organic and paid search traffic. 

Organic Research tool : This tool can be used to beat competitors by analyzing their SEO strategy. Semrush provides information on competitors’ use of specific keywords and how much traffic they generate. 

SEO Content Template : This tool helps marketers write SEO-adapted articles by providing writing templates with length and vocabulary suggestions in addition to backlinks propositions.  



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