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The Impacts of Influencer Marketing on the Digital Advertising

Skin Care brand using social media and influencers to promote their new product with an Instagram feed post and an instagram story.
The Visible Impacts of Influencer Marketing on Advertising as a whole

There has been a major shift on the whole of the marketing landscape in the recent years due digitalisation and the growing prominence of Social Media. With many new mediums of advertising making their way to the main stream, influencer marketing has been a major player in these changes. This approach uses the popularity and trust of social media influencers to help marketers in new ways and change how brands and consumers interact and connect. Throughout this article we shall explore the ways influencer marketing has affected Digital Marketing, especially the changes on consumers engagement, changes in advertising, and how data is being used in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing: An Constantly Evolving Environment

Nowadays, influencer marketing has changed how brands connect with people. Before, digital marketing used wide-reaching but less personal ads. Influencer marketing now makes things more personal. Trusted influencers connect with their audience on a personal level by focusing on various niches and interests. By crafting content that resonates with their followers’ preferences, they significantly boost brand engagement. Through influencer partnerships, brands become more trusted, real and accessible, something hard to achieve through conventional advertising methods. This new era of has created new rules for connecting with consumers, focusing on real relationships with consumers rather than just showing ads.

People using different social medias to interact with their favourite influencers.
Influencer Marketing Impacts Portrayed through Different Social Channels

The Evolution of Current Marketing Models

Furthermore, influencer marketing has also changed advertising to care more about the quality of engagement rather than just how many impressions the ad garners. Before, advertisements like banners and emails tried to reach as many people as possible. However, influencer marketing works well as it can help connect different consumers and regroup them within defined communities. This change has made marketers change their approach, moving from trying to reach everyone to focusing on more targeted campaigns. Influencers help connect brands with specific interest groups, making sure ads are more about being relevant and meaningful than just having the highest amount of reach possible.

créateur de contenu | UGC | Travail - médias sociaux
The Impacts of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Reach Methods

Impacts of Influencer Marketing: Real Time Data-Driven Decisions

Finally, influencer marketing has made using data to make straetgic decisions more common in digital marketing. Thanks to many available tools on social platforms, brands can now see how well their influencer campaigns in live time! They can look at different things like the current post engagements, the post conversions, and audience growth. This information helps marketers improve their plans as they go in order to optimise their strategies. This move towards relying on data shows a bigger change in digital marketing from just guessing with general data to using concrete live data through different social channels.

Picture of a magnet attracting all types of analytics from social media and engagement metrics.
The Impacts of Influencer Marketing on the Use of Data


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