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Quality Score: How to optimize the performance of Google ads

Are you looking for a way to optimize the performance of your Google ads? If this is the case, the concept of quality score is fundamental to you. With a thorough understanding of Google’s quality score you can greatly influence the cost and effectiveness of your paid search.

Understand How Google Thinks

To clarify how to master your paid search we must first define how Google thinks. Google as a search engine, aims to organize the world’s information to make it useful and accessible to users (Search Engine Journal, 2022). Thus, Google’s success lies in their ability to provide users with relevant content. Due to this, Google invented the quality score, with the aim to reward ads providing relevant content to users. Awarding ads providing quality content does not only benefit users but does also have a positive impact on how Google is perceived. It is a win-win situation.

What is Quality score?

Google describes the concept of quality score as: “a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers” (Google Support, 2022). This quality score is used by Google mainly for two purposes. To begin with, Google uses the quality score of your ad, in combination with your maximum bid, to determine the ad ranking for a specific keyword (Search Engine Journal, 2022). Providing relevant content, therefore, has a positive impact on your ad ranking, without you having to spend a greater amount of money. In addition, the quality score works as an important factor when determining your ad’s cost-per-click. In sum, the more relevant content, the lower cost-per-click.

How can you improve the quality score of your ads?

The exact formula for how Google’s quality score is calculated is not known by anyone except from Google itself. However, what is known is that the formula considers several different relevancy-factors (Google Support, 2022). As a matter of fact, by considering a few of these factors and taking effective actions to improve them, it is possible to have a considerable impact on the quality score of your ads. Some of the most important factors considered when calculating Google’s quality score are:

  • The Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Relevancy of the ad
  • Landing page
Quality Score Factors
Figure 1. Quality Score Factors (Techie Drive, 2020)

Quality Score Factor: Click Through Rate

The click through rate (CTR) defines the ratio of people that clicked on your ad to the number of people that viewed your ad (Google Support, 2022). There are several measurements that can be taken to improve the CTR of your ads. For example, one way to boost your CTR is to edit your ad text in order to make your ad more interesting to your target audience.

Quality Score Factor: Relevancy of the ad

The ad relevancy indicates how well the ad responds to the intent of the user that searched for the keyword (Google Support, 2022). This KPI can be improved by creating effective ad-groups. By dividing your ads into different ad-groups based on the topic of the ad, for example different products or services, there is a greater chance that your ad respond to the intent of the users’ search.

Quality Score Factor: Landing Page

Another important factor considered in the quality score is the relevancy of your landing page. This defines how well the landing page meets the demand of the people that clicks on your ad (Google Support, 2022). An easy way to raise the relevancy of your landing page is to make it mobile friendly. For instance, there are several accessible tools online where you can make your website more mobile-friendly.

Conclusion: Quality Score

So, how can you optimize the performance of your Google ads? The answer is simple. By understanding, and mastering the concept of Google’s quality score, and its underlying factors presented in this article, you have the potential to achieve great success with your Google advertising.


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