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How to make money on Pinterest
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Pinning for Profits: Your Guide to Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform and essentially a visual search engine that allows users to discover, save, share images and videos on content that interests them.  As of 2023, Pinterest reports having around 450 million monthly active users worldwide. Thus, it is an excellent platform to advertise and market businesses and products. This is the reason why hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers use it regularly to convert users into sales. In this article, we will give you all the insights on how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Pinterest app on a mobile phone to highlight the importance of affiliate marketing on Pinterest

First, let’s look at what seems to work the most on Pinterest

When users connect themselves on Pinterest, they have a precise goal which is, in many cases, looking for inspiration and ideas. It is the perfect opportunity to show them the products you want to promote as they could be tempted to buy them to match the specific aesthetic of your pin. 

As an affiliate marketer, having an idea of the type of users using the platform and their preferences is important. Promoting products to the wrong group or irrelevant products to this type of audience could lead to no clicks on your links and, in other words, no conversions. Additionally, women outnumber men regarding the use of Pinterest. Furthermore, the most saved categories by users are home décor, health and beauty products, and sporting goods. With that being said, as someone starting affiliate marketing on Pinterest you should be focusing on products of these categories.

Statistics of the most popular Pinterest categories by gender

Now, you must know the rules

  1. Firstly, adhering to Pinterest’s guidelines and using only one account is crucial. Some affiliate marketers may try to bypass the system by repinning content from several accounts, which goes against the platform’s rules.
  2. Secondly, transparency is vital when it comes to the commercial aspect of your content and the behaviour of any links you share. It’s important to be upfront about these details so that users are aware of any potential business interests involved. This is why you need to directly link to the source. Indeed, Pinterest prohibits the posting of any shortened links in an attempt to eliminate spam from their platform.
  3. Thirdly, you cannot attempt to manipulate Pinterest algorithms or Pinner traffic because the platform doesn’t allow it. Examples would be to have fake accounts to create or save your affiliate links or even creating an excessive number of affiliate Pins which could be considered as spam.

Having the Best Pins

You can use many tricks to reach a larger audience, starting with scheduling Pins in advance. Indeed, if you schedule your Pins ahead of time, you can boost the probability of your content reaching Pinterest users while they are online and active. Since the Pinterest algorithm frequently updates users’ feeds with fresh content, the ideal time to post may vary, with some users being most active in the morning and others in the evening. Using rich Pins can also make your content stand out by providing context and information to your viewers. For example, when you are selling a product, the description and price are shown on the Pin. As for the Pin itself, offering relevant content and creating good visuals is important because Pinterest is a visual medium. By having quality graphics, your Pins will certainly stand out from others.

Example of a rich Pin for affiliate marketing

SEO to optimize your Pins

Lastly, it is important to state that besides being a social media platform Pinterest is also a visual search engine. To boost your SEO, on your Pins and profile, try to use keywords and sentences relevant to your product and industry that your audience would type as well. Also, note that one of the most important places to use SEO keywords is in your Pin title. Make sure that your keywords cover as many pertinent topics as possible. To optimize your Pin title, keep it concise and attention-grabbing since it can have a maximum of 100 characters.

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