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How AI makes RED’s content marketing so successful

Xiaohongshu, known RED, is a social media platform originating from China. Launched in 2013, it seamlessly merges e-commerce, content creation, and social networking, offering a unique AI-based platform for Chinese consumers. Through this application, people can explore products, share their shopping experiences, and connect with others. Today, with over 300 million registered users, the platform has emerged as one of China’s most popular social media channels.

RED application interface based on AI algorithm

RED’s content marketing model

RED operates on a AI-based e-commerce business model. Users can effortlessly share their shopping experiences, write reviews, and offer recommendations, all while making direct purchases through the app. For exemple, the AI-based platform facilitates user-generated content creation and sharing, including photos, videos, and reviews. It also features an integrated e-commerce platform that enables users to track their favorite brands and influencers and make purchases through the app with ease.

How RED’s AI algorithms work

RED’s technology team uses the LarC machine learning framework to train its AI for content recommendation. It is designed to identify and suggest content based on users’ behaviors and preferences. The real-time recommendation system captures users’ browsing, clicking, and liking behaviors in real-time, and the data is then processed by an AI algorithm-based computing engine to generate high-performance samples. These samples are then sent to the trained model, and the model’s parameters are immediately updated and published online to serve the next request.

Meanwhile, with the help of AI algorithms, RED assists businesses in creating headlines and articles that are more closely aligned with user preferences and accurately target customer groups, creating native content that feels more like a personal sharing than commercial content.

RED also employs AI algorithms to scan user-generated content for inappropriate or sensitive material. Such as pornography or hate speech, promoting a positive and safe user experience for everyone on the platform. Additionally, RED uses AI to identify potential influencers by analyzing user behavior and engagement patterns, allowing the platform to partner with highly influential users in specific niches to create sponsored content.

Neural networks, a powerful AI algorithm


In conclusion, in this era of AI, RED’s success in content marketing is due in large part to its use of AI algorithms. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable the platform to provide personalized content recommendations, maintain a safe and positive user experience. We can also identify potential influencers and target ads more effectively.


“The first time to demystify the “grass” mechanism of Xiaohongshu: how the technology of large-scale deep learning system is applied”

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