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How to market your brand using UGC & Influencer marketing

You probably have heard about Influencer marketing. But, you may be wondering what is UGC? UGC stands for User Generated Content. It has become more and more popular especially in the previous year.

  • Now, why would you want to use UGC or Influencer marketing to market your brand? 

Reach your target audience

Let’s start with Influencer marketing. In order will to convert viewers into potential clients, you need to select influencers that have gain “influence” and trust over their followers. In other words, an influencer that has an engaged audience, not just any audience, but a specific community of users that are part of your target audience. Therefore, if you hire an influencer to recommend your product, his followers will be more likely to try out your product. You can also push your marketing strategy by providing a link to your influencer with a special discount code that only the followers of your Influencer will have access too.

Here is an example of an Influencer’s post:

influencer marketing a product on her instagram story example of post
Promotion of the Soft Reset AHA Exfoliating Solution by Summer Fridays by Influencer @roxettearisa

Difference between Influencer marketing and UGC

On the other hand, the advantage with UGC creators is that any content creator can create content for your brand, you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of time researching for influencers in your niche, with tons of followers. They can easily be found on platforms such as Upwork , Fiverr, Influee and many more. They will be able to create high-quality content, using their creativity. This content is not posted on their own personal social media account. Your users are then less likely to get the impression that your content is being sponsored. Moreover, UGC is a form of content that your users will be able to relate to. In fact, user generated content feels more natural than a regular add or sponsored post by an influencer.  

UGC user generated content examples of content created by UGC creators and posted on Tiktok
Examples of user generated content posted on Tiktok

To sum-up, of course, you can’t base all your marketing strategy only by hiring UGC and influencers to create your content, but it’s definitely a great add-on. 

Find UGC creators here: Upwork ; Fiverr; Influee


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