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Introduction To Social Selling

Social selling has become fundamental element for businesses to generate revenue and increase consumer loyalty. Technology has significantly advanced allowing us to communicate easily and effectively, resulting in better decision-making, faster project completion, organised collaboration and improved customer services.


Definition of social selling

Social selling is a marketing technique where you build client relationships with the objective of generating sales and keeping them as loyal customers in the longer-term through the use of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Sales people use social listening to assess and evaluate what is being said about certain companies, products, individuals and brands on the internet. Insights gained from this is utilised to connect and build authentic relationships, with a well-managed online connections can lead to in person interaction and eventually closing a deal.

Importance of social selling

There are many benefits with the use of social selling it will not just increase your sales but other aspects of your company. Here are some of the ways that shows why social selling is important in this digital era.

Improves Sales

It will lead to better sales, salespeople will get better results with utilisation of social selling. Results gathered from an internal study shows leaders who use these spaces create 45% more selling opportunities than those who have low social-selling index. Businesses that prioritise social selling will have a 51% chance in reaching their sales goals and 78% of social sellers outperform their competitors than those who don’t use this technique.

Increases Brand Awareness

When you sell through social network platform is it crucial that your brand is recognised and promoted heavily to drive traffic to your product. The number of potential customers can increase with social selling.

Shortens the sale cycle

Sales cycle is where there are sequences of events occurring from the start to the end. The purpose is to engage with a new consumers in order to convince them to purchase your product and services and promote it to their family and friends. As social platforms enables easy connection with the right targeted audience you and the potential buyer can communicate quickly and efficiently online to close a transaction in shorter period of time.

The Best Practices

Use Relevant Social Networking Sites

Choose social platforms that is most suited to your product and services for the target audience. After identifying this make sure to use tools and materials to your advantage to promote your products.


Consistency is vital, making sure that you’re socially active allows you to identify potential leads, schedule appointments and provide relevant material to consumers. This leads to improved engagement and sales leads

Create Social Listening Alerts

Ensuring that your alerts on your potentials buyers allows you to monitor and be updated. By setting up notifications on prospects it will help you reach an audience that already has an interest in your services so you can connect with them.

More Useful Videos On Social Selling


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