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Influencer partnership: The new model of marketing campaigns.

Here is how partnerships with influencers can be beneficial to your brand.

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TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn are now filled with what we call “influencers.” These individuals, experts in their fields and followed by thousands, even millions of people. They are supposed to influence our everyday decision like purchase or holiday destination. Companies quickly realized that these influencers could be an effective way to attract potential customers. As a result, we are increasingly seeing partnerships between influencers and companies. These partnerships can take various forms, with the most common examples being Instagram posts accompanied by captions or TikTok videos in which the influencers showcase the product or service.

For each of those partnerships, influencers are paid between 500 and over a million dollars depending mostly on their number of followers, which is an indicator of their notoriety. But also on the number of people who bought the product after seeing the partnership, mainly through affiliate links.

In this article, we will examine three reasons why using influencers partnerships can be beneficial and more effective than a traditional advertising campaign.

1.Reach a relevant audience.

infographe of people using social media, can be describe as an audience

Influencers are mostly followed by people who share a common passion. For example, people called ‘make-up addicts’ will follow makeup influencers to stay up to date on the latest makeup trends and products to have. By partnering with these beauty influencers, makeup brands can effectively reach their target segment. Thus, by partnering with relevant influencers for their targeted segment, brands can maximize the reach of their marketing campaign.

2.Authentic contents.

Infograph representing an unique content being created by an influencer

Each influencer has their unique way of promoting product or service. Some of them take on the role of actors by creating medium-length videos in which they showcase themselves using the product or service, which will engage the public. Moreover, by establishing partnerships with multiple influencers, brands can benefit froma lot of unique and original contents to promote the same product, which can increase not only the visibility of that product but also the brand itself.

3. Increase the return on investments (ROI).

Representation of the ROI of an companies through the growth of a plant

By allowing companies to directly reach their target audience,influencer’s partnerships enable them to sell their products more efficiently. According to Natividi, the average return on investment for influencer partnerships in France is €7 for every €1 invested, demonstrating that investing in influencer partnerships is an effective method for brands. One example is Lena Situations, a French influencer who generated over €5 million in revenue for the haute couture house Dior through her partnership with the brand.

Influencer partnerships are gradually reshaping the digital marketing landscape. However, it is crucial to examine the negative aspects of this practice.


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