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Influencer Marketing: why using Instagram?

An example of an influencer creating content for her Instagram account

Recently, Instagram has been experiencing an incredible growth both in terms of popularity and as a marketing tool for communication. It has become the main platform for implementing influencer marketing campaigns. Instagram not only improves direct relationships with consumers, but also fosters brand loyalty, brand awareness and the overall company’s image. Its visual format makes this social media platform an excellent tool for electronic word-of-mouth. Influencer marketing is therefore a way for companies to make the best of Instagram to achieve their marketing objectives.

The platform stands out as a top choice for influencer marketing campaigns. “91% of influencers report that their Instagram content generates the highest engagement, compared to content shared on other platforms” (Collectively, 2018). Therefore, Instagram offers many advantages for brands pursuing an influencer marketing campaign.

The first advantage is the influencers’ deep knowledge of this platform, enabling them to optimize their posts’ visibility. Another advantage relates to Instagram’s main characteristic: the possibility to share images. Its users really appreciate visual content as it is easy to understand without any language or cultural barriers. Images are indeed an effective way of showing a product. Finally, an additional advantage concerns its wide and diversified audience.

Companies must include influencer marketing into their marketing strategies to influence the information consumers are exposed to, especially on Instagram. Brands should carefully determine the target audience to reach through Instagram and the right influencer to achieve their goals. There is no unique way of developing a winning influencer marketing strategy, however employing Instagram is a good start. This is especially true for sectors like fashion, tourism, and food where companies can easily share their products or services through images and videos.

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