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Influencer Marketing: Micro vs Macro

Influencer Marketing: Micro vs Macro

The influencer marketing has an enormous potential in the social media age. It consists in impulse your brand through the recommendation of an influencer. This one will show your products or services to his followers. Nevertheless, there is a belief that always bigger is better in Influencer Marketing. Certainly, this is not true, each type of influencers has its own pros and cons. So, the most important thing is to understand the differences is dividing Influencers in two groups: Micro Influencers and Macro Influencers. The main aspect that contrasts one for the other is the number of followers. therefore, each type of influencer has its own characteristics that differs with one another in terms of cost, availability, authenticity, and engagement.

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Micro Influencers:

As the name says, a Micro Influencer has a small quantity of followers. However, this not necessarily has to be something bad. In terms of approach or engagement, this can be a plus point. The reason is that they have a closer relationship with their audiences in their social media. Also, Micro Influencers are often cheaper than the bigger ones. This is expressed in higher conversion rates.

Macro Influencers:

On the other hand, Macro Influencers have a long audience, and they can reach more people per post, and this contributes considerably to awareness and position of a brand. Nonetheless, because of the high number of followers, is harder to have a close relationship with them and this decreases the conversion rates and the purchases.


In conclusion, each type of influencer is directly related to the type of content, social media, brand and mostly the objectives of the marketing campaign. It will be a mistake chose one type of influencer as the best. The most important lesson is understanding the pros and cons of each type and use the Influencer Marketing as tool to grow your business in the way that better fits to your brand.




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