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In-game advertising in video games

The Different Types of In-game Advertising in Video Games

Static In-game ads: Death Stranding

With the ever-growing games that are made in 2021, it is fair to say that companies will tend forward to the video game industry into promoting and advertising their own products. Thus comes the in-game advertising in video games. We can already see this with the likes of video games like Death Stranding where multiple known actors were cast. From the main character played by Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) to the Army Special Forces captain played by Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Casino Royale). Having celebrities as a way to promote and reach a wider audience for the game. It is fair to say that motion capture, or performance capture, incite more theses actors to these king of project. It also helps that video games have bigger budgets than ever before.

In game advertising in Death stranding video game actors
Credit: u/Gwynoid on Reddit –

In this Kojima Productions game, Monster Energy Drinks makes an appearance regularly where you can drink them to regain your energy. There is also a promotion for AMC’s Norman Reedus Ride show when you take the character to a shower. This static in-game advertising in video games is simply the beginning, and we can be sure to see more in the future since there was a lot of debate and talk about these specific products when the game was released.

Monsters Energy drink in game advertising in death stranding video game
Screenshot taken during my own playthrough.


It is not the only form of in-game advertising in video games we can find. Advergames, which is taking the “in-game ad” and the “video games” into one word. It indicates that the company creates a game to promote their products. Nowadays, we can observe this through small mobile games. However, during the early and mid 2000s, it was directly on your consoles. Games like Burger King (Sneak King) for the Xbox or the famous Pepsiman game on PlayStation 1. With these in-game ads, there were directly assuming their presence and position reaching the target audience of gamers.

In game advertising in Pepsiman video game
From the Playstation 1 Game Pepsiman released in 1999 in Japan

Dynamic In-game ads

Recently, dynamic in-game advertising in video games is getting more popular. The ads will change from day to day. They are implemented seemingly inside the game while playing. It is the same principle as Youtube ads, or the banner ads you can find on various websites.

With all these types of advertising, it is fair to say we will get more ads when playing video games. Whether it is from an online or a single-player campaign game. Companies will tend towards theses methods since the video games industry is becoming the biggest entertainment industry.

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