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Always' use of emotional storytelling on breaking feminist stereotypes as the core of the marketing campaign
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Always #LikeAGirl’ Campaign: Impact of Emotional Storytelling on Digital Marketing Results

The “Always #LikeAGirl” campaign, launched in June 2014 by Always, a feminine hygiene brand under Procter & Gamble, stands out as an example of the impact that emotional storytelling can have in driving significant digital marketing results.

This campaign uses emotional storytelling to challenge stereotypes associated with the phrase “like a girl,” aiming to transform it from an insult into a symbol of strength and empowerment. At its core, the campaign featured a touching video showcasing interviews with individuals from different age ranges and genders. Through the use of emotional storytelling, the video was ingeniously initiated by prompting people to perform actions “like a girl,” exposing stereotypically weak or self-conscious responses. However, when young girls were presented with the same question, a powerful narrative unfolded – one of strength and confidence, effectively challenging societal norms.

The campaign’s use of emotional storytelling urged viewers to reflect deeply, inspiring them to reflect on their own biases and challenge deeply rooted gender stereotypes. Its core message was unmistakable: to empower girls and redefine the meaning of “doing something like a girl.”

In this context, the role of social media was key in amplifying the influence of the campaign’s emotional storytelling. Always actively encouraged people to share their own stories and messages of empowerment with the hashtag #LikeAGirl on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Indeed, individuals were not only joining the conversation about women’s empowerment on social media but also sharing their personal stories on discrimination rooted in gender societal stereotypes. The intense use of emotional storytelling in the sharing on social media strongly created significant support for the campaign’s mission.

When measuring the results of the use of emotional storytelling on social media, the hashtag #LikeAGirl really took off, with an impressive 177,000 tweets registered in the first three months after the release of the campaign, with celebrities even joining the movement. Moreover, through the use of emotional storytelling, Always saw an impressive tripling rise in Twitter followers and a massive 4339% growth in subscribers on the Always YouTube Channel during this time. Crucially, the campaign’s success can be largely credited to its focus on emotional storytelling, as demonstrated by impressive accomplishments in KPIs like user engagement, brand visibility, and sentiment analysis. This underscores the substantial impact of emotional storytelling.

In summary, “Always #LikeAGirl” is a strong example of how digital marketing can truly resonate when it uses emotional storytelling to connect with people on a personal level. It goes beyond the usual product promotion; using emotional storytelling is what gets people involved. By challenging stereotypes and telling stories on empowerment and gender equality, the campaign achieved undeniable success which can be proved by the impressive social media engagement it generated through emotional storytelling. Moreover, the company’s activism, seen in this campaign through the use of emotional storytelling, can be considered a strategic way to successfully build brand loyalty and attract new customers.

A study done in December 2014 about the campaign’s overall results showed that the emotional storytelling really made a lasting impression. About 70% of women and 60% of men said that the video changed how they see the phrase “like a girl.” This campaign is a role model example of how emotional storytelling can be a powerful marketing tool to generate user engagement and, consequently, its acquisition.

An advertisement highlighting Always' use of emotional storytelling as a way to challenge gender stereotypes.

Ultimately, the campaign’s digital success comes from Always skillfully using emotional storytelling to connect with individuals, fostering a sense of identification with the brand and showcasing the company’s commitment to social causes.

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