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How to write an impactful email


The first thing to know when writing an impactful email is the audience you are writing it too. You have to know the target market, the person and the environment this person is in. You really have to put an extra effort to learn a minimum about this person, their activities, their position, their impact on the decision-making process, etc. It will ensure a minimum of attention and your approach will be a lot more personalized than most emails.

You have to limit mass emails. Personalization is key to an impactful message.




Once you have a basic understanding of the receiver, you should :

1- Draw attention with an engaging title promoting the benefits of the service or products you are offering

2- The first phrases of the email should arouse interest and strike curiosity to ensure that the reader will keep reading the email until the important information.

3- Make the reader want to know more. The goal of the email is to make the recipient want to contact you, one way or another. This could be done by showing concrete examples of the benefits of your product.

4- Get them to take action. The email should always imply that they should take action, or they will miss a great opportunity. This way, the fear of missing out will push the reader to contact you and have all the information needed to take a decision

Once your email is written, you have to make sure that the language used is different from the language spoken. The written language is different and makes a difference for the reader and grants your message a professional status. There’s nothing worse than an email with all the right components, but with the use of words that makes you seem unprofessional or unfamiliar.


Finally, when you have finally written your email, be sure the quality of your orthography is adequate and no spelling mistakes are present in the text.  Once you have sent your message, lower the amount of follow-up, fewer is better.  Personalization should also be the centerpiece of your follow-ups. This is without saying, if a client responds to your email, answer it as fast as you possibly can.


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