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How to use TikTok SEO to promote your music in 2023 ?

Why is TikTok SEO so important for your music?

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Music artists must be aware that nowadays, one of the most effective tools in the music industry is obviously TikTok. However, most musicians do not know how to use the platform efficiently. Those who want to share and show their music talent to the world must know who they want to target but most importantly whom to attract. The TikTok SEO algorithm is unique because it will push your content to specific audience based on your keyword. Meaning your title, description, captions and even the audio of your video. Therefore, you have the possibility to organically generate more awareness to your music by optimizing your use of TikTok SEO.

1. You must choose your niche and genre in music

First, before thinking of the keywords you want to use, you must know in which niche and genre you want to focus on. Indeed, knowing your genre will help and indicate the TikTok algorithm in which categories your content will be considered in. And then, to which type of segment should it push your content to. Plus, knowing your genre and niche will allow you to generate ideas on what type of content you should create that are related to the audience you want to attract. For example: As an Rnb music artist, you would probably want to make content related to love songs, singing and music.  

2. Make a list of key words related to your niche and genre

TikTok SEO search bar with suggestions
TikTok SEO search bar

Now that you are aware and precise on which niche and genre you want to focus on, you can start your keywords selection process. First, you must do your research. View yourself as a potential viewer. What are the specific words you would use to search for the type of content you’re looking for ? Once, you’ve figured out the words you will use, test and write them on the TikTok search bar. As soon as you start writing on it, you will notice that the TikTok SEO will propose to you other words that are potentially related to the subject you’re looking for. These suggested keywords are based on popular searches previously made from people who had a similar interest.

Here are the steps to your keyword’s selection process:

To start, go on the search bar of TikTok. Then, write a specific keyword related to your type of music content and look at the following words suggested by the TikTok SEO. Finally, select and take notes of the most relevant ones that in your opinion are related to your music content.

3. Choose Hashtags that are relevant to your niche

Finally, from your list of most relevant keywords, choose the ones you will use as hashtags for your videos. Look at the most viewed videos of your niche and observe the hashtags that they used. Then, choose these hashtags and use it on your videos. Analyze the results and keep trying different ones until you find the ones that work well. Therefore, using hashtags is very important for the TikTok SEO because it can increase your visibility.

Furthermore, you must take advantage of music trends by using their hashtags. For example, if a famous music artist made a trendy song, you should make content related the topic and use the hashtags of this trend. This method is highly effective because, when well done, it will boost the awareness of your music content, reach a new wider audience, and make new fans.

4. Put the right Keywords in your titles and descriptions

The TikTok SEO algorithm takes in consideration in his ranking, the words from your title, captions, description and even the audio of your video (so make sure that you are saying your keywords out loud in your content). To optimize your possibilities of awareness, make sure that before posting your video, you have checked that you’ve put the most relevant keywords and that they appear in each areas that the TikTok SEO can take in consideration in his ranking.

In conclusion, TikTok SEO is a very effective tool to promote your music. Indeed, the use of specific keywords related to your type of content can organically generate brand awareness.

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