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How to use Social Media to improve SEO?

Social Media and SEO

Social networks are increasingly an integral part of our everyday lives as we spent on average 2 hours and 41 minutes on social networks per day. Real showcase, they have even become search engines where Internet users look for products, advice, and other information. This is why these are now essential in the development of a marketing strategy, just like SEO. So how do social media impact SEO? How can we use them to improve it?

Social Media and SEO

Although Google does not officially use social networks as a ranking factor, they can indirectly impact the search engine optimization of your website or blog. Indeed, Google attaches a lot of importance to two criteria for ranking websites: their credibility and visibility. Social media are precisely excellent means to develop these two elements for your website.

1. Increase your visibility by using Social Media

Indeed, social networks can positively influence SEO in several ways. First of all, they allow your brand to be known. Many people discover products, brands, companies, blogs, directly through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, or even TikTok more recently. Thus, indirectly it will increase organic searches for your product. The more your brand is visible on networks, the more people will search for your brand on Google, thus increasing organic traffic.

2. Gain quality links for your SEO

Besides, one of the essential SEO rules is to increase the number of internal and external links, mentions of other brands, and keywords to increase your visibility. The more you share quality content regularly, the more the public will likely share your posts and content on their personal page for their followers, friends, and family. Therefore, there will be more chances that several people could link back to the posts or website. Consequently, your visibility and SEO ranking will only improve.


Ultimately, although social networks do not officially and directly influence your website’s referencing, you should not neglect them. They will likely become more critical in the years to come and directly impact search engine results.



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